KSS Education ERP

KSS GTPL is developing an academic and education system, with its fourteen years of experience in education systems development and operating such complex systems.

The school information system (SIS), is more of student, teacher, parents and staff management system, it is a system for an education (school collages and can be well extended and configured for universities) establishment to manage these entities within. It provide capabilities for registering students, collecting fees thru, registering in courses, documenting, creating curriculum and syllabus, creating and assigning assessments, generating grades, transcripts, results of student tests and other assessment scores, building student schedules, tracking student attendance and managing many other student-related data needs in a school.

It is modularized and has roles based access to and very well manages the staff processes, such as their employee directory, documents, onboarding and offer letter generation system, attendance, leaves, payroll, claims and reimbursement, travel, visitor management.

The system has an in-build library management system which where book, magazines, journals, abstract and encyclopedia information is updated with accession number, authors, catalogues, topic, title, and key works with a robust search to find the book. The books are well bar coded and read thru the bar code reader. Issue, return, claim and penalty for non-returns cam be well tracked.

The system also has a module for medical dossier, with immunization records, medical visits and emergency information with the information of family physician contact, blood group etc.

The system is well integrated with mails, SMS, work-flow to manage the business processes. The system can be cloud hosted or available on premise. A robust document manager is integrated within such that any documents generated or uploaded after scan can be well searched.

A newly build school bus management system is being built and shall be integrated with the system. This shall help the admin management to define routes, fees, and well integrated with the fees acceptance as per the bus facility availed by the student.

It has an inbuilt hierarchy built in such that the same can be accessed as per the roles, a robust dashboard can be configured as per your requirements. If we have to summarize following can be well addressed thru the system:

  • Student Dossiers, reporting of student data.
  • Handling inquiries from prospective students.
  • Handling the admissions process.
  • Enrolling new students and enabling online interview / exam scheduling.
  • Student accounts and financial aid processing (scholarship slabs).
  • Time tables for class and exam for students and teacher schedules.
  • Handling records of examinations, assessments, marks, grades and academic progression.
  • Maintaining Leaves and attendance.
  • Recording communications with students.
  • Maintaining Indiscipline records if any.
  • Capabilities to operate multiple campuses, online and on-ground, in multiple countries and languages.
  • Housing, dorms and facilities details, assignments and tasks.
  • Communicating student details to parents or other persons authorized by the student, through a portal.
  • Special Education / Individual Education Plan (IEP) services (Yet not planned in the program shall be incorporated).
  • Student Alumni portfolios.
  • Accounting and budgeting services for school assets.
  • Student health records.
  • Canteen Management (Yet not planned in the program shall be incorporated).
  • Transportation Management.
  • Fees Management.
  • Regulatory reporting and reports for accrediting bodies as required shall be configured and provisioned.
  • Providing dashboards with statistical data.