KSS HCM Suite is a solution which improves executive insight and decision-making while ensuring right people with the right skills doing the right work.

Employee Dossier - This is the core feature where organization employee data gets captured and is fed to all the other modules within the system which are tightly integrated.

Strategically HR and IT teams have realized that user-friendly core HR solution is the key to accurate employee Life Cycle management in an organization On-Boarding-to-Separation. Capturing employee, organizational hierarchy information and talent data all in one solution delivers better results. The solution is scalable and caters to MSME to LE requirements. Recruiting thru Application tracking system transforms recruitment into a continuous, and which is strategic part of any talent strategy with end-to-end recruitment solution that helps attract, engage and select better candidates.

Unique Competitive Advantage helps KSS HCM Suite transform business strategies into measurable business outcomes by simplifying HR processes and maximizing employee engagement.

Performance & Goals is a KPI and KRA driven evaluation of an individual goals across organization, and focus employees on what matters, while enabling executives to monitor goal progress in real-time.

Streamline the performance appraisal process, with measurement matrix and meaningful feedback can then be associated with the reward and tie employee performance to business results.

Compensation a key in any organization can be well analyzed with the performance at an individual level. A payroll engine integrated with time and leave management using a swipe system help organizations get an end-to-end visibility on the performance management, such that a pay-for-performance culture is established for high productivity across the organization.

Align learning activities with competency gaps to arm your workforce for current and future needs. Improve motivation with continuous development and career planning. Have a module which helps learning strategy based on the performance evaluation with a complete learning management solution (LMS) to manage, develop and deploy training modules and training needs for development. KSS Learning Suite helps learning professionals improve employees’ skills, develop leaders, reduce compliance risk, to cater to external audience.

Workforce Planning Leverage in-depth workforce information and benchmarks to assess readiness to execute strategies. A detail on the workforce Analytics & Reporting thru dashboards provides quantitative insights to employee and business statistical information for taking judicious decisions.