Emerging technologies include a variety of technologies such as Educational Technology, Information Technology, Cloud, IOT, IIOT, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Cognitive Science, Psychotechnology, Social Media, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence a few to name.

BPM (Business Process Management) helps implement these technologies which is making inroads into every sphere of human life. Industries such as Retail, Space, Medical Sciences, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Automobile, Oil and Gas, Energy, Power, Education, Banking, FMCG, Finance, Telecommunication, Transportation, Food and Beverages a few to name are reaping the benefits of such innovations.

KSS shall focus its expertise and energies in IOT, IIOT and Cloud in addition to open source Java, PHP technologies. Platform is the way forward to implement business solutions and KSS has created its own robust platform with the latest technologies in Java Spring, Hibernate, Google Material Light Framework. The platform allows configuration and customization for any changing and evolving business needs. Change management is where we focus our energies and expertise.

KSS suite is a platform which we built with two years of hard work. A well-integrated platform with workflow engine, integration BUS to talk to heterogeneous systems. The platform is validated by SME and EA’s.

Our journey and landscape has cloud, IOT and IIOT in our road map. GE, pioneer of IIOT says that Industrial Internet will change the way industry works and predicts the benefits to the global economy as below:

  • 46% of global economy that can benefit from the Industrial Internet.
  • 100% Industrial Internet potential impact on energy production.
  • 44% Industrial Internet potential impact on global energy consumption.

Real Time Operational Excellence (RTOE) is the buzz word and KSS put lots of emphasis to cater to such business changes. Operational Intelligence Solutions enable tactical and strategic decision support by transforming disparate data into decision critical information. Predictive analysis leverages your existing data and enhance your ability to maximize various aspects of business performance and set new benchmarks in Operational Excellence. Integrating the SOC, PLC, DCS, HMI and SCADA systems in essence to reap the technological benefits.

As we all know, the traditional way of building an IT environment is to buy servers, hardware, licenses and to install the software. This is a long and costly process, involving many infrastructure demands and long deployment cycles. This fully IT internal model may be commonplace, but IT as we know it today is being replaced by newer technologies.

Lately, cloud computing is causing a major shift in the IT industry. New technologies have been developed, and now there are various ways to virtualize IT systems and to access the needed applications on the Internet, through web based applications. This means no IT costs for hardware or servers. KSS offers private and AWS services as one of its key services model. Cloud brings in following value add:

  • Scalability and quickness to move into production.
  • Safety, security, backups and recovery needs of data.
  • Uptimes and business continuity are guaranteed 100%.
  • Savings on huge initial investments and operational and administrative costs.
  • Global Expertise available at one place.
  • Sharing of resources for multiple instances / solutions.
  • Accessing anywhere and anytime.
  • Address challenges and needs associated with app delivery multi environment.
  • Benefits of adopting a unified application-delivery strategy to migrate apps.

One perspective is to think of the Industrial Internet as connecting machines and devices in industries such as oil and gas, power generation, and healthcare, where there is more at stake or where system failures and unplanned downtime can result in life-threatening or high-risk situations. On the other hand, the Internet of Things tend to include consumer-level devices such as heart monitoring fitness bands or smart home appliances. They are functional and can provide conveniences but do not typically create emergency situations if downtime were to occur.

For example, the Industrial Internet envisions machines that tell operators how to optimize productivity or detect a failure before it occurs, potentially saving companies millions of dollars a year.

As the Industrial Internet connects critical machines, it can deliver powerful financial and operational outcomes. Saving millions annually by using Asset Performance Management software to gain asset, plant and fleet reliability.

IIoT, sky is the limit. As more and more data is created from increasingly connected machines, systems, and devices, the valuable insights to be realized is limitless where BIG DATA plays an important role in decision making.